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Company Profile

ProActive is a client-based, service-oriented company that utilizes a cost-effective approach to deliver quality customer service to current and prospective clients. ProActive provides professional consulting services, training services and counseling services to individuals, families and groups as well as small businesses, large corporations, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and not for profit organizations.

ProActive is a team of licensed professional counselors, social workers, educators and business managers having more that 50 years of combined experiences in educational, social services, counseling and managerial service delivery. ProActive utilizes the team’s diverse backgrounds and overall comprehensive interpersonal and organizational skills to delivery quality, effective customer service.

ProActive Management Consulting, LLC is:

  • Georgia-based Limited Liability Company

  • 100% Minority Female Owned Business

  • SBA Certified Small and Disadvantaged Business (SDB)

  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Certified

  • Georgia Department of Human Resources Certified Provider

  • Department of Human Services MHDDAD Medicaid Provide

ProActive Management Consulting, LLC Core Values include:

  • Quality Service

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Superior Performance

  • Individualized Attention

  • Cost Effective Approaches


ProActive Management Consulting, LLC philosophy is to think ahead of the curve so our clients will not be behind it. Just as our name implies, proactive planning, training, products and services assists our clients in setting the trends and standards for their companies not reacting only to them. We are a client-focused, service oriented company using cost effective professional methodology to deliver quality service and products


ProActive Management Consulting, LLC’s mission is to empower individuals, families and communities through innovative and effective behavioral health, advocacy, and consulting services.


ProActive Management Consulting, LLC goal is to provide a continuum of services to individuals and families in need of counseling, crisis intervention, prevention and education services to assist youth and families to meet their potential and reach a more functional level of independence.

ProActive Management Consulting, LLC Counseling and Advocacy Services division philosophy is CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. GROWTH IS POSSIBLE. SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE. ONE STEP AT A TIME.

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