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Provider Training

Operations Training Services – One of the most important concern for any service provider is the people who must perform the daily operations – are they doing their job accurately?  Do they have all the tools they need? What can I do as a provider to assist them?. PMC has proven expertise and strength is the following operational areas for health and welfare service providers: CPR/First Aid training, DUI training, Curriculum development and Essential Learning. These operational areas, among others, are critical to any service provider who wants to provide superior health and welfare services. PMC’s operations training program will help health and human services firms improve operations and profit while still providing superior quality services. PMC will measure and optimize the common assessment areas mentioned above, among others to develop a plan of training needs to encourage quality action from employees and contractors. The outcomes of the assessments are measured against national benchmarks and common best practices.  Below are the core trainings that we offer at PMC on a regular basis:

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