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Provider Consulting

ProActive Management Consulting, LLC is behavioral health and social service management consultant firm. We partner with our clients develop or enhance compliance, quality, operations using the most cost effective methodology.

Our clients include children and youth agencies, non for profit organizations, mental health and substance abuse providers.

ProActive provides a multitude of professional and managerial services based on the needs of the client/provider. ProActive is comprised of a team of consultants, educators and business managers with many years of experience. These experiences include large and small business consulting services, business management (project and change management), educational/training services and facilitation services.

Whether you are a new provider or an existing provider of community mental health services, we can assist you with improving your internal business processes, service delivery of IFI/Core Services, marketing, billing, human resources, CARF accreditation and audit preparation.  We also assist companies with meeting the training requirements by offering CEU and Essential Learning classes that are needed for compliance with State and Federal regulations.

“Our goal is to increase your proficiency in providing behavioral health and family services to your community”

One of our customers, Eastchester Services, stated “On our first audit we obtained a score of 88!  This high score was achieved thanks to the valuable training received from PMC to set up and operate our Core/IFI services”

ProActive Management Consulting (PMC) provides a wide range of professional and managerial services based on the needs of its clients.

With regard to consulting services, PMC is able to perform current state assessments that identify behaviors, methodology, processes and tools that are currently being used in the client’s business and how effective they are in the everyday functioning of the business. The assessments are compiled and presented to the management team to help identify what is working well and what needs to be enhanced for better performance. PMC implements the necessary changes utilizing best practice methodologies that are often times customized in delivery of training, process changes and/or tool development. After a period of time, PMC performs an evaluation to determine the effectiveness of any of the changes that were implemented.

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