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Walking in the Woods

Individual & Family Counseling

Individual counseling is an opportunity to receive support and experience growth during a challenging time in life. Counseling can be effective in helping a person deal with personal issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties and career changes.

All couples experience periodic ups and downs, conflicts and misunderstandings. Often couples are able to work through the differences and move on. But sometimes, conflicts remain unresolved and frustration mounts. This is when couples counseling can be of help. Couples counseling often assist clients in verbalizing their expectations of one another, defining and clarifying their wants and preferences, and working through the everyday problems confronted by even the healthiest couples.

Family counseling can take a variety of forms. Sometimes it is best to see an entire family together for a few sessions. At other times it may be better to see children and their parents separately. Whatever the format, the goal of family counseling is to identify the dynamics that cause problems and to institute changes in the structure or style of how the family operates.

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