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Wrap-Around Services (WAS)

Wrap-Around Services may be used in combination or as separate service components. The purpose of Wrap Around Services is to demonstrate improved outcomes in the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families. Wrap Around services are used to support children placed in the Department of Family and Children Services foster homes, children reunited with their birth families with court ordered services, and children placed with relative caregivers.

PMC’s Wrap Around Services utilize an individualized family approach to working with adults and youth. Wrap Around Services is a resiliency oriented, intensive community based service that is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Wrap Around support team provides treatment and restorative/resiliency focused interventions to assist youth and adults in gaining access to necessary services. Consumers are assisted in learning ways to manage their emotional disturbance and/or substance use/abuse issues, developing optimal age-appropriate community living skills, and in setting and attaining resiliency based goals.

Adults and youth will experience decreased crisis episodes, increased community tenure, increased time at school and/or work, and increased personal satisfaction and independence. Through supports based on the individuals’ needs, Consumers will be engaged in the recovery process ONE STEP AT A TIME.

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