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Psychiatric & Psychological Evaluations

PMC works with children, adolescents and adults to help determine and gain a better understand of any emotional and/or behavior issues that they may be experiencing.

Upon receipt of services, a comprehensive assessment is provided for all individuals. After the comprehensive assessment takes place, generally psychological testing is recommended. Psychological testing is utilized to accurately diagnose psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety. After assessing an individual’s test results, PMC will develop a comprehensive report and specific recommendations to help the individuals and families gain a better understanding of the issues that they have been experiencing and personalized recommendations to treat them. The results are also used to determine the services that will be provided to individuals and families. Treatment provided by PMC may include, but is not limited to the following: individual therapy, family counseling, family skills training, individual skills training, psychiatric services, medication management, behavior modification, parenting skills training, anger management, group counseling, and community resource linkage.

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