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Nurturing Parenting Programs

PMCCAS parenting classes are designed to improve family functioning by stabilizing living arrangements, promoting reunification when clinically proven appropriate.

Structured meetings/classes designed to offer positive and effective parenting tools/skills. Such as, stress management, anger management and time management.

Definition of Services:

Good parenting is about from the moment awareness of impending parenthood, the focus is how to help the fetus to grow into a healthy baby, a healthy baby into a healthy infant, toddler, pre-school child, adolescent and adult that is a self assured human being to meet his or her greatest potential.

Although parenting and the skills used to do it are culturally bound, there are core skills and concepts. This is most important when parenting skills are taught to people of varying developmental stages with children in various developmental stages. The context of what, when, where and how people choose to parent is quite important if the developmental needs of their children are to be successful. The PMCCAS Nurturing Parenting program is comprehensive and holistic in its methodology. It will include the following:

Assessment of parenting and child-rearing attitudes/practices. The psychology and physical effects pregnancy has on both parents and their parenting attitudes.

Psycho-education to provide information on child development throughout the life-span.

Skills practice in meeting developmental milestones of children Experiential learning to assist in awareness and self-examination of childhood experiences and how it affects attitudes about being a parent.

Opportunity to interact with other parents, both with their children and without them, in a group setting to foster increased insight into parenting issues, increase empathy towards others, increase modeling of desired behaviors, increase hope and increase experimentation with new parenting behaviors. (2006,, Bavolek, Stephen J., Ph.D. The role of experiential learning in enhancing education in parenting., Family Development Resources,Inc.)

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