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Comprehensive Child & Family Assessments

ProActive Management Consulting, LLC (PMC), is a certified Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA) independent provider for all 159 counties in Georgia. Our agency contracts with the State of Georgia to assure that every child initially entering the foster care system is assessed and receives appropriate services to ensure successful outcomes.

A CCFA is a formal assessment initiated soon after a child enters the care of the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS).  Family Assessments are the foundation of the family case plan and will also assist judges, CASA’s, Citizen Panels, and other providers working with the child and family to gain a better understanding of the family unit.  The assessment is completed within 30 days of the referral, after which the recommendations from the assessment are presented to DFCS and all other parties involved.

CCFAs were initiated in 1998 as an approach to reforming Georgia’s foster care system. The process was developed and instituted by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Family and Children Services. The purpose of the CCFA is to improve service outcomes for children and families, to ensure appropriate placement, provide stability and expedite permanency for children in care, to promote parental involvement and responsibility, and to increase foster home capacity.

Visit the DHR website and look under the Approved Providers list to find ProActive Management Consultants, LLC.

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