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Smiling Teens



  • An evidenced-based, in home parenting training curriculum

  • For parents who are at risk of or have been identified to be at risk of child maltreatment


  • Teaches structured problem solving for parents

  • Assist parents to find solutions to life challenges affecting parenting

SAFECARE INVOLVES 3 Structured Modules:

  • Parent -Child Interaction/Parent-Infant Interaction Modules

  • Health Module

  • Safety Module

Refer families with:

  • Children age 0-5

  • Open neglect case or history of neglect

  • Lack of resources or impoverished

  • Lack of social support

  • Deficit in knowledge of effective parenting strategies

  • Parents in treatment or with history of alcohol or drug abuse

  • Parents who are depressed

Please contact: Aishah Boodram – SAFECARE manager at 770-319-7468 for more infomation

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